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PPN Co-Ordinator

In 2015 the PPN Secretariat oversaw the recruitment of a PPN Co-ordinator whose role includes supporting the secretariat to develop the PPN in Cork County and collaborating with Cork County Council and other statutory bodies to develop the PPN as the reference point for the environmental, community & voluntary and social inclusion sectors in the county. Noelle Desmond was appointed as PPN Co-ordinator for Cork County PPN in November 2015. Noelle has worked for Cork County Council for over 10 years in various different departments including Water Services, the Roads Department, the Recreation & Amenities section and the Greenways Project Office. Noelle’s primary degree is a Bachelor of Science Degree in Government & Public Policy and she also has a Masters Degree in Commerce and a Masters Degree in Town & Country Planning. One of the key responsibilities of the PPN Co-ordinator is to work with the Secretariat to promote citizen engagement and to strengthen linkages between communities and their Council. Noelle can be contacted at 021 4285340 or by email at ppn@corkcoco.ie