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What is the PPN?

Cork County Public Participation Network (PPN) is the main link through which Community & Voluntary organisations, Environment organisations & Social Inclusion organisations can interact with Cork County Council and participate in policy-making structures and committees of Council. Cork County PPN was established in 2015 and around 900 organisations have registered with the PPN so far. These organisations were asked to choose the theme that they think most accurately reflects their main interests. These themed groupings are known as Electoral Colleges and there are three of them.

PPN Electoral Colleges

Organisations were also asked to choose the Municipal District in which they are active or in which they are based. There are 8 Municipal Districts in County Cork and these are shown on the map.

PPN Members

County Cork Municipal Districts

Cork Areas Map

What does the PPN do?

The PPN is made up of a broad range of member organisations including Tidy Towns groups, Residents Associations, Sports Clubs, Community Councils, Youth Clubs, Environmental Groups and many more types of Social Inclusion, Community & Voluntary groups. The PPN is the network formed by all of these groups and membership of it ensures that organisations receive important information from Cork County Council and other public bodies. The PPN facilitates the sharing of information on funding opportunities, public consultations and policy development in Cork County and it also acts as a focal point for groups with similar interests to connect with one another and share information and expertise. It also allows groups to nominate and elect PPN representatives to the Committees of Council. In 2015 elections took place in April & May and have resulted in 37 PPN reps being elected to the 8 Strategic Policy-making Committees (SPCs), the Joint Policing Committee (JPC) and the 3 Local Community Development Committees (LCDCs) of Cork County Council. More information on these committees can be found here and the names of the 37 PPN reps can be found here. The elections also resulted in the formation of a 22-member PPN Secretariat which acts as a steering group for overseeing the activities of the PPN and acts as the administrative and communication mechanism for the PPN. The names of the 22-member secretariat are listed here.

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